You need food? Philly has food!

Let’s begin by discussing the food most synonymous with Philadelphia.

Don’t be fooled if you got something labeled “Philly Cheesesteak” out of town, chances are HIGH it was not authentic. If you wan an authentic Philly, you have a few options. While provolone is the traditional cheese of choice, you can also order American or Cheese Whiz. Whiz? There is a history to that! In the 1950s when Whiz was first invented, but decades after the first official cheesesteak was created, Pat’s King of Steaks starting adding it as an option. It quickly grew to became a tactile favorite of many, and in trying to compete with Pat’s other establishments followed suit.

The most famous locations to purchase all pretty much follow the same ordering guild lines:
1) Cheese – “American”, “Provolone”, or “Whiz” (not “cheese Whiz”).
2) Grilled Onions – “Wit” (with) or “Widdout” (without).
• Say your order is a cheesesteak with Cheese Whiz and onions: “Whiz wit.”
• Say your order is a cheesesteak with provolone and no onions: “provolone widdout”
Not rocket science, and luckily, if you are at an establishment that demands this way of ordering, there will be a helpful “how to order” sign posted.
• NOTE: In most cases, you do not order your sides or your drinks at the same window you order your steaks.
• NOTE: In some locations, they will be additional condiments you can add on for a charge or for free. Usually you add them yourself.

The original Philly Cheesesteak comes from Pat’s King of Steaks located on the corner of 9th & Wharton & Passyunk Streets. There are other establishments near by, some flashier ones even right across the street from Pat’s – Pixie strongly suggests sticking with Pat’s, and if you ask she will gladly tell you why.

Other Food Options:

Literally across the street from the hotel is the famous Reading Terminal Market! In here you will find merchants of all varieties – gift shops, groceries, ethnic foods, fish mongers, butchers, the Pennsylvania Dutch Amish, and many restaurants. Of course, the most famous part of The Market has to be Bassetts Ice Cream – the oldest ice cream company in America!

If you want fried chicken and donuts, then award winning Federal Donuts is for you! Located at 1632 Sansom Street.

Looking for a Dosa, both traditional or modern? Try Philadelphia Chutney Company located at 1628 Sansom Street.

Jake’s Sandwich Board serves wonderful, but not traditional, cheese steaks (as well as other food), and was featured on the Food Network. Located at 122 South 12th Street.

The Philadelphia Hard Rock Cafe located 1113-31 Market Street is a mere block away from the hotel, for drinks or food.

Also a block away, The Melting Pot is available for fantastic upscale fondue! Located 1219 Filbert Street.